Design ideas for a tiny bathroom

Posted by admin - September 28, 2015 - Designer Insights, Inspiration, Interior Design

So you’ve got a small bathroom, in fact it’s a tiny bathroom. You’re not in a position to extend the bathroom so what you are really looking for are some effective design techniques aimed to make the most of your tiny bathroom space. The good news is you’re in the right place, with the following creative design ideas for a tiny bathroom.

Turn the bathroom into a wet room

If opening and closing the door to the shower cubicle is a little problematic in your tiny bathroom you may want to think about turning the space into a wet room. By essentially being an ‘open shower’, wet rooms require less space than bathrooms with a conventional shower.

With their wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor tiles, wet rooms can make a stylish and practical addition to a home, especially if your bathroom is challenged for space.

Think carefully about colour

Certain colours denote cosiness and others create a sense of space and for a bathroom that’s bordering on tiny, you should definitely opt for the latter.

Generally speaking, white is the most effective space-enhancer colour. One of the greatest components of having white in a bathroom is that it creates a versatile backdrop as no other colour clashes with it.

If you don’t fancy having an all-white bathroom why not play around a bit with the colour by painting an accent wall. As long as the predominant colour in the room is white, the space will look wide and open yet still playful and fun.

That said, yellow is another great colour in tiny bathrooms, though not just any yellow – citrus yellow. Go too dark or too pale and you will run the risk of making the room appear smaller, but get your shade of citrus yellow right, and you’ll help create the illusion of greater space.

Setting a citrus yellow background against some sea shades such as light blues and greens can create a great contrast and give the bathroom some creativity and intrigue whilst retaining the space-enhancing feel you are trying to achieve.


If there is one room in the house that deserves to have mirrors, it’s the bathroom. For rooms that are tight for space, mirrors can be their saving feature. As well as bouncing light and reflection around the room and therefore creating a greater sense of space, mirrors make fantastic ornamental features in a room just make sure that you choose ones that are in-keeping with the general design and style of the bathroom.

Functional storage

Finding place to store towels, toiletries and other bathroom essentials can be challenging in a tiny bathroom and requires a bit of creativity and interior design know-how. In fact functionality is the key to an efficient tiny bathroom and installing inventive storage features such as hampers under the sink, and stackable baskets under cabinets will ensure your towels, makeup and face-creams don’t have to be cast aside into the bedroom.