Creating the transitional kitchen: Modernising the classic country-style kitchen

Posted by admin - December 1, 2015 - Designer Insights, Inspiration, Interior Design

With a large farmhouse table, real slate tiles, chunky wooden beams, timber cupboards and granite worktops, there is nothing quite as warm, homely and inviting as a classic, country-style kitchen. However, with clean lines, polished cabinets and a minimalist design dominating modern kitchen design trends, farmhouse-styles can look a little out-of-date.

Fortunately with a little interior design know-how and creativity, you can marry the two styles and craft a classic country-style kitchen that is more in-line with contemporary trends.

Introduce some colour

Country-style kitchens tend to be constrained to using natural colours such as browns, creams, whites and beiges, which are in-keeping with their country surroundings and that sees bolder colours being a definite no-no. However, as bold colours are all the rage in modern kitchens, don’t be afraid to experiment by introducing some more audacious hues into your kitchen.

For example, ‘scarlet’ red or ‘nirvana’ blue cupboards are likely to bring a stylish new addition when set against an elegant floor of slate tiles and a rustic ceiling with chunky wooden beams overhead.

Ease in some metallic

If you’re a fan of traditional and quaintly-styled kitchens the thought of metallic might make you cringe. Though we have to admit, metallic features and fixtures in a kitchen have risen to prominence for a reason, namely because they are both functional and practical, as well as looking stylish.

Easing in some metallic touches, such as metallic taps or metallic light fittings, can be a fairly simple and effective way to introduce some contemporary elements into a country-style kitchen.

Add some curves

Adding some shapely interest to a kitchen is a formidable design trait of a 21st century kitchen and one that denotes a sense of sophisticated style and taste. As well as creating a graceful, streamlined look, curves produce a practical design that maximises the use of space.

The good news is that this ultra-modern kitchen design trait can be applied to a farmhouse-style kitchen with great results. For example, a unit with a curved base can be a fabulous modern introduction into a country-style kitchen, honed with a granite worktop, oak dressers and a traditional Belfast sink.

A contemporary island

Islands can make a playful addition to kitchens, particularly if the island boasts a significantly different style to the rest of the kitchen. If you do opt for a more modern-looking island with smooth lines and finishes, ensue that the contrasting nature of feature stands out further by surrounding the island with traditional, country-style barstools.

Pay attention to grout

Don’t underestimate the power of grout and why not liven up a rustic kitchen by applying a brightly-coloured grout in between more neutrally-coloured tiles.

Open shelving

Open shelving is associated with a modern kitchen style and placing a few open shelves around the space will bring added practicality and convenience to your kitchen, as well as helping to bridge the gap between traditional quaintness and modern splendour.