Creating an office design fit for the 21st century

Posted by admin - July 26, 2015 - Designer Insights, Inspiration, Interior Design

Modern offices are changing more than just their politics, they are changing their design. In recent years traditional offices laden with cubicles and lacklustre furniture have been replaced by more open-plan and stylish alternatives, designed for encouraging collaboration and creativity to spin around the office. Not only this, but modern working premises are centred on promoting sustainable practices.

If you’re more embarrassed than proud of inviting clients to your office and know it is well verdue a makeover, take a look at the following ways you can fairly easily create an office design fit for the 21st century.

Think comfort and style
It is the 21st century after all, and the days of employees being forced to sit on a rock hard chair for nine hours a day with nothing to look at other than four insipid walls, are over.

Making comfort and style at the heart of your office design will not only mean your employees are happier about the prospect of coming to work but will help nurture a more productive workforce.

Think desks, chairs, workstations, canteens and lounges that have ergonomics in mind, which will go a long way in postponing or even preventing the offset of office fatigue creeping in.

By the same token, decorate the office with inspiring furnishings and fittings. Making the working space brighter, more inviting, stylish and hip, will do wonders in lifting employees’ spirits, nurturing productivity and talent, not to mention impressing clients when they visit the office.

Put collaboratively at the heart of the design

It is becoming increasingly more acknowledged that when employees are regularly separated by walls or even screens, an element of creativity and productivity is lost. Consequently, not only are more and more companies opting for open-plan office designs, but they are also introducing rest spaces, where employees can sit, relax and chat – perfect for encouraging impromptu meetings where all the best ideas are fostered!

So what about noise?

Noise, you either love it or you hate it when you are trying to work and an open-plan office, featuring trendy rest areas and impromptu meeting spaces, is bound to generate noise, right?

Research has proven that in the nosiest of offices, workers achieve approximately one hour’s of productive work for every ten hours spent in the office. Whilst statistics like this are guaranteed to make bosses go weak at the knees, the good news is that you can still have an open-plan office design without generating similar noise levels as a fairground!

This can be achieved by designating individual areas that are segregated from the rest of the office. These ‘miniature’ offices that have their own private space are resonant of cabins and not only look super trendy but overcome the problem of noise quashing productivity.
So what are you waiting for? Call in the designers, throw out the old furniture, knock down those screens and have fun creating an office fit for the 21st century.