Creating an industrial interior design

Posted by admin - March 31, 2016 - Designer Insights, Interior Design

Industrial style interiors are ultra-fashionable, not to mention highly practical and functional. Implemented in modern homes, rustic interiors, loft conversions, commercial properties, and just all types of living and working spaces, the burgeoning “warehouse look” has some pretty distinctive features and fixtures.

If you are determined to jump on the increasingly popular, stylish and functional warehouse look, take a look at the following ways you can create a compelling industrial interior design.

Exposed pipes

A signature feature of the industrial look are pipes and ducts standing pride of place in a living space. Exposing such original features in a space provides an effective reminder of a building’s former purpose and crafts a distinct industrial style.
Exposed pipes and ducts can be worked into a functional and stylish furnishing, such as shelving and lighting features.

Exposed brickwork

Exposed brickwork is another key trait of chic industrial interior design. When it comes to exposing the brickwork to create an industrial, rustic look, you can either opt for showing the original brickwork off to the maximum by having each of the walls clad in bricks, or opt for making just one wall a feature by baring the brickwork. Alternatively you could just expose certain patches of brickwork for a real upcycled look.

However far you decide to go with the exposed brickwork, it will bring raw charm to any interior space, whether it’s a living room, bedroom or office.

Combining metal and wood

If there’s one material that is synonymous with an industrial interior it has to be metal. From metal staircases to metal worktops and ceilings, no ‘warehouse interior’ would be complete without some metal furnishings.

If you don’t want to go overboard on the metal touches, you could always combine it with wooden features, a popular combination of an industrial interior design. Furniture made from both wood and metal helps augment the authenticity of an industrial interior.

Bring out the black

For an instant industrial upgrade simply bring out the black paint. From picture frames to bath tubs, ceilings to skirting boards, you’d be surprised of the power of a lick of black paint when creating an industrial interior.

Oversized casters

Tables, no matter how modern or pristine, can be instantly transformed into an industrial-looking masterpiece simply by placing some oversized casters as the feet of the table.

Reclaimed wood

Furniture made from reclaimed wood is another hallmark of an interior centred on the beauty of an industrial style. Furniture made from reclaimed wood and sustainably sourced timber will craft a real centrepiece in this stylish type of décor, as well as ensuring your style of interior is kinder to the planet.

Stick to a black, grey and white palette

When it comes to creating an industrial look in a living or commercial space, shades of black, grey and white tend to work best. Having said that, there are no steadfast ‘rules’ and the odd splash of colour set within a warehouse décor could generate an even funkier and interesting interior.