Creating an environmentally friendly interior design

Posted by admin - February 25, 2014 - Current Trends, Inspiration, Interior Design

Wellbeing and peace of mind means a lot to modern homeowners and there is nothing quite like creating an eco-friendly interior to craft feelings of environmental welfare and superiority. With modern-day consumers being increasingly influenced by eco-purchases and trends, more and more interior designers and manufacturers are marketing their services and products as being wise choices for the green-conscious homeowner.

So how exactly do we create an eco-friendly interior?

Let their be natural light

Put simply the more daylight you have flooding into your home the less reliant you are on artificial light. The less dependent you are on light bulbs the less energy you use, thus reducing your carbon footprint.
Replacing smaller windows with bigger ones, adding skylights in the roof and ensuring windows are south facing will all create more natural daylight in a property. Not only will having a greater source of daylight reduce your energy bills but it will also decrease the emission of pollutants inside the home, which is healthier for you and your family.

Plants breathe life

There is nothing quite like healthy, fertile plants to craft a green tone in an indoor space. Not only does having plants sat on desks and window sills and climbing up the walls of the reception rooms cast an environmental and green-fingered look but plants can physically improve the quality of the air of a room. Plants help to filter air and helps remove harmful chemicals in the room. Gerbera daisies, bamboo palms and lilies are particularly beneficial in the quest to improve the air quality of a property.

Ensure that you choose plants that complement the overall look and style of your home. For example, tall, spindly plants would supplement the elegance of a room with a high ceiling. By contrast, shorter, stumpy plants would be more suited to a room with a lower ceiling. Either way, plants go a long way in creating a natural, fresh and environmentally friendly interior.

Use eco paints

Most of us can’t resist the urge to revamp our homes every now and then with a fresh lick of paint. Given the contemporary drive for eco-friendly living there is no shortage of eco paint to choose from. Create an exceptionally vibrant and stylish look by painting all woodwork in a room, such as window frames and skirting boards, the same colour as the walls. Using eco paint this will of course paint a seal of green approval throughout a bigger proportion of the property.

An interior of natural materials

Plastic and chrome are not conducive with being kind to the environment and to create a truly green interior such materials should be eradicated from the home. Replace carbon-heavy plastic and metals with natural materials such as wood, marble and stone.

Stylish furniture made out of bamboo or wood looks great when complemented with natural flooring such as stone or slate. As well as generating an eco-friendly ambience, interiors laden with natural furniture and fittings weaves a rustic, charming and stylish theme throughout a home.

These a just several ways that you can craft an enviably green ambience in your home that radiates fertility, vibrancy, style and good health.