Creating a Scandinavian kitchen

Posted by admin - January 28, 2015 - Current Trends, Inspiration, Interior Design

With their clean lines, functional design and effortless style, there is something timelessly appealing about Scandinavian-style kitchens.

If you are planning on updating your kitchen this year, fusing the unique form and convenient function of a Scandinavian kitchen is likely to prove invaluable in augmenting the appeal and ultimately value of your home.

But what exactly is a Scandinavian kitchen and can you this ultra-desirable interior style?

Less means more

Similar to a minimalist living room or dining room, less is the essence in Scandinavian design.

Unlike country-style or traditional Victorian kitchens where herbs sprawled across windowsills and pots and pans clung to the walls play a central role, a Scandinavian kitchen demands clutter-free space.

Natural materials

That is not however to say that the kitchen should look too stark, clinical and uninviting. A good way to inject some warmth into a Scandinavian design is by introducing some natural materials into the room.

With a naturally warm colour and feel, oak or pine doors, worktops or chairs would break up the utility of a Scandinavian-style kitchen.

In fact the use of wood cannot be overemphasised in a Scandinavian kitchen. It is also not uncommon for designers of Scandinavian interiors to use a grey oil to eliminate some of the yellow and warm tones from the oak or pine worktops, doors and other fixtures.

A neutral palette

Part of the Scandinavian’s kitchen’s appeal lies within it’s easy to accomplish palette. A kitchen in this simple and minimalist style typically comprises of a neutral palette, with plenty of whites and light tones that create a calming natural feel.

Although despite neutral colours dominating this style of kitchen, don’t be afraid to experiment with the odd splash of colour dotted here and there. Some intensely blue curtains or a bright yellow table cloth would make a great contrast to an essentially neutrally toned kitchen designed in a Scandinavian style.


The choice of flooring plays an essential role in every interior and none more so than in a kitchen. Unlike in the UK, carpets in every room never really materialised in Scandinavia. Wooden floors, preferably of a light colour, dominate the flooring of virtually all rooms in houses in Scandinavia, including the kitchen.

An emphasis on eco-friendly living

Swedes take their responsibility to the environment extremely seriously and have been quick to adopt eco-friendly features and practices into their homes.

A true Scandinavian kitchen should therefore be well insulated with double, if not triple glazing, and adequate roof and wall insulation.

Functional form

Scandinavian interiors comprise of clean lines. From the architecture to the furniture, the clean lines and balanced design of the kitchen set against some striking wood grain will ensure your kitchen is a pleasure to cook, eat and socialise in for many years to come.

Achieving a beautiful and stylised Scandinavian kitchen is not too difficult. Just remember the following rules – think eco-friendliness, a neutral palette brought to life through splashes of colour and warm natural materials such a wood, think clean lines, and, importantly, a lack of clutter.