Create a compelling bachelor pad in four simple steps

With Ashton Kutcher selling his bachelor pad in LA for $9.925 million in 2014, to Orlando Bloom selling his New York bachelor abode for $4.9 million in the same year, whoever said the days of the bachelor pad were numbered couldn’t have been further from the truth.

On the contrary, with the number of people living on their own having more than doubling in 40 years,  bachelor pads have never been so desirable and necessary.

The good news is with a little know-how and creativity you can create an ultra-desirable bachelor pad without too much effort or financial resources.

We’re not saying it will be resonant of Orlando Bloom’s or Ashton Kutcher’s properties, but take a look at the following ways you can create a desirable bachelor pad on a budget.

Better make it blue

It’s inbred into us as soon as we are born and surrounded by teddies, balloons, and clothing of our particular gender – pink is for girls and blue is for boys.

For many males, blue remains their chosen colour for the duration of their life and none more so than in their bachelor pad.

Opting for an essentially blue colour scheme is therefore likely to be welcomed and appreciated in a bachelor pad. However, it is important to remember that too much blue can weave a dark and even dreary vibe into an interior. Consequently, blue palettes should be complemented with other colours and various tones of blue should be injected into the home.

Considering hues that denote luxury and affluence often go down well in a bachelors pad, such as royal purples and saturated reds.

Pay attention to the windows

Curtains are just too feminine and are for girls and grandmas, right?

Okay, so you might not want to decorate the windows in pretty floral curtains, but leaving them bare won’t put you on your way to achieving top-rate bachelor pad indulgence.

Instead give the window some masculine identity and by doing so reduce noise pollution and heat loss by installing a stylish blind.

Blinds come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and choosing a contemporary and chic blind is an easy wnd inexpensive way to ensure a pad is fit for a bachelor!

Don’t refrain from fabric and furnishings

Whilst we might associate a décor laden with fabric and upholstery as being a ‘female touch’, paying attention to detail through furnishings and fabric can be a simple way to inject some vibrancy and sophistication into a bachelors pad.

Opting for sleek features such as streamlined cushions on sofas and chairs and using bold funky prints to emphasis other items of furniture can be a great way to accessorise a bachelor’s pad.

Show your personality

A bachelor pad provides the perfect opportunity for men to really go to town with designing an interior the way they want it and injecting some of their own personality into the room.

You shouldn’t therefore be afraid of putting up items that reflect you own life and personality into the pad, because the chances are they will appeal to other men as well.

For example, if you’re a music enthusiast, devoting a wall entirely to your record collection will not only make an interesting, colourful and bespoke interior, but it will also appeal to others when the next bachelors’ party gets underway.