Crafting a homely living room designed for cosy nights in this winter

Posted by admin - November 26, 2013 - Current Trends, Inspiration, Interior Design

With the fire blazing, the chestnuts roasting and the cat snoozing soundly on the rug, living rooms don’t come much cosier than during the winter. If you are determined to make your living room that extra snug this year take a look at the following ways you can create a living room décor that is designed for staying warm and cosy when it’s cold outside.

Cream and cranberry

Cream walls in a living room immediately denote elegance and taste. To inject some warmth and intrigue into a cream colour scheme accompany it with the odd flicker of cranberry. This warming shade that has connotations of festive season trimmings generates vibrancy into a cosy living room space. These glints of cranberry can come in different guises, perhaps in the form of a rug, a pair of curtains or a throw strewn over the settee.

Pile on the texture

Traditional, country-style living rooms can be heartily created through the creative use of texture. Cable knits, in which textures of crossing layers are achieved by permeating stitches, incorporated into various accessories such as stools and lampshades, will immediately give the feeling of warmth and are great for adding extra dimension to the room. An opulent rug or a soft throw would be a good place to begin a campaign for a cable knit infused living room.

Faux is another winter interior ‘staple’. Faux décor accessories typically come in the form of throws and rugs but are increasingly being draped over the back of hard chairs, bringing instant comfort and luxury to what is typically a hard and cold piece of furniture.


During the long, cold and dark winter nights there is no material quite as warm and comforting as velvet. Now is the time to replace the airy, pastel curtains with some heavy velvet ones. Opt for deep, rich tones, such as burgundy, burnt orange and dark brown. If you’re not quite brave enough to make such an opulent statement by having velvet curtains, go for a more subtle approach such as placing velvet cushions on settees and armchairs, or perhaps a velvet throw – perfect for nuzzling up to when it’s snowy outside.

Don’t forget wood

It might not be the softest and warmest material to touch but having wood present in your living room creates an ambience of homeliness and wellbeing. Coffee tables made from chunky reclaimed wood, wooden trunks for the kids toys, a floor made of timber and, if you’re really authentic, wooden beams spread across the ceiling, will generate an earthy, rustic, ‘winter’ feel.

Tart it up with tartan

There is a reason why when Jack Frost takes to the skies scattering ice and frost in his path for the first time of the year, tartan coats suddenly clog clothes store’s displays. Tartan is almost as synonymous with winter as snow and umbrellas and if you’re looking to cosy-up your living room then tartan should be present.

Similar to when using tartan as a fashion statement, you shouldn’t overdo the tartan you put in your living room. Something refined such as a tartan armchair, a chequered throw or a tartan lampshade will suffice in aspirations to craft a living room interior that welcomes you in from the winter wonderland outside.