Colour trends: What's new for 2014?

Posted by admin - November 26, 2013 - Current Trends, Inspiration, Interior Design

As 2013 winds to a close, interior trend forecasters are busy predicting what shades are going to dominate the décor magazines in 2014. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to give your home a well-deserved makeover then you’ll be eager to learn about next year’s top colour schemes to ensure your property stays abreast of the current trends.

When it comes to what’s hip, modern and fresh in the incessantly changing world of interior design, New I.d never ceases to remain ahead of the crop. As a consequence of our commitment to stay at the pinnacle of the design trends, we can give you a snippet of what’s in store for colour décor in 2014.


Yellow is a trending leader for interior design in 2014. Though it has to be said this bright and warming tone can be got wrong fairly easily and can be quite tricky to get right. If the shade is too strong it can be blinding and sickly. If it is too pale, the punch can be lost and the desired effect rendered useless.

Just to make things that little bit more finicky and confusing, the shade of yellow you use should conform to the room it will be applied in. For example, if you are decorating a bedroom, a brighter, sunnier yellow would help give the bedroom a cheery and airy vibe. By contrast, mellower golds are better suited to a living or dining room, creating a grander and more sophisticated look.


You’ll be hard pushed to find a colour that goes better with yellow than grey. One consequence of yellow being a top trending colour next year is that it will be accompanied by grey, of varying tones. Try to get a formidable balance between the two shades. For example, if you are painting the walls in your bedroom yellow, pair it with light grey bedding, cushions or a lampshade to get the perfect accent colour in the space. Similarly if you are updating your living room with a stylish gold and navy blue striped wallpaper, compliment and soften the look with some pale grey furnishings such as cushions, rugs and lampshades.

Apple Red

This striking colour is dubbed as being a firm favourite on the catwalk in 2014, a trend which is forecast as transpiring into the interiors of the savviest of homeowners. Although before you start conjuring up images of bright red pouffes and scarlet sofas, next year’s must have shade of red is a darker apple red. This appealing tone is being coupled with medium blue and butterscotch to create an adorable Americana style.


There is something eternally soothing, safe and reassuring calming about khaki. Unlike playing with yellow, reds and greys that if you don’t get right can look drastically wrong, khaki is a much ‘safer’ colour. This organic shade looks particularly stylish and exquisite when combined with water blues, sage greens, cognac, brown and even black. It is never too long before this staple colour makes a comeback and it seems that 2014 is going to be khaki’s year.