Colour schemes to make a small living room appear bigger

Posted by admin - May 15, 2013 - Current Trends

Colour has a direct impact of the atmosphere you want to create in a room and can express an array of emotions and affect our moods perhaps more poignantly than any other aspect of home decoration. Thus makes the choice of colour in a room one of the most important components of interior design.

One of the most exciting potentialities of the use of colour within interior decoration is that, when used correctly, it can ingeniously make a room to appear larger or perhaps smaller.

Unless you own a mansion the chances are that you’ll have aspirations to have a bigger living room. Without the time, resources or finances to start knocking walls down to literally make your living room bigger, by simply giving the room a lick of paint and adapting another colour scheme can be an effective way to make one of the most widely lived in rooms of your house appear to be bigger.

The question remains which colour scheme to exploit on your quest for a larger living room? Fortunately there are some fairly comprehensive ‘rules’ when it comes to colours that augment the perceived size of a room.

Combine neutral colours with toned down primaries

The use of bold colours is a hot interior design trend this year and whilst more neutral colours have typically been associated with making a room appear deceivingly bigger, there is no reason why you can’t incorporate this contemporary décor style in order to ‘increase’ the size of your living room.

Simply use bold colours sparingly and tone them down with a healthy smattering of neutral colours. For example, set bright and bold multi-coloured rugs and cushions against a neutral background of white or beige walls and white or beige furniture. The contrast will create a sense of greater space, not to mention ensure that your interior décor tastes are among the saviour-faire!

Use different tones of the same colour

Another way to make a living room appear to be bigger is to use a block colour but incorporate different tones of this colour into the room. This is a particularly effective method if you own a long but fairly narrow living room, as the different tones will define different areas but at the same time link them together.

It is also advisable to use a paler tone for the naturally darker region of the room and a deeper tone for the bigger and naturally brighter area of the living room.

Bring honey tones to life with reflective metallic

Honey hues of beige, light brown and tinged pink, all create a warm, sophisticated and inviting atmosphere in a living room. However, if you want to augment the feeling of space, match such hues with metallic accessories, such as mirrored coffee tables and lampshades, curtains, rugs and cushions that have sheen on them.

The shiny material and mirrors will bounce light around the room, which has long been synonymous with creating the sense of spaciousness.