Choosing the Right Flooring for Every Space

Posted by admin - November 30, 2016 - Inspiration, Interior Design

The flooring that you choose for a space has a massive effect on its composition – the right choice can render a space well-balanced, light, classy, modern, classic, welcoming, and stylish. You need to find the balance of practical and aesthetic considerations that make the floor fit for purpose as well as great looking, and all within your budget. Here’s how to do it.

Space and colour
The colour and style of your floor can have a big impact on the visual effect of your room. Darker, more complex designs may make a room appear smaller, whereas lighter, simpler patterns maximise small spaces and make them seem larger. When choosing wooden flooring or tiles, opt for bigger expanses of floor between joints to help a cramped space look more spacious.

A large element in selecting your perfect flooring is down to your own personal style, as well as the theme of the furniture and other fittings, if you already have them. Are you looking for a traditional, sleek, and elegant look that gives a warm feel and a classy finish? You could try a rich, dark hardwood. Are you going for a modern, industrial inspired theme like a New York loft style theme? Concrete is ‘in’ at the moment, and can be patterned and painted any way you like.

Your budget can, unfortunately, be one of the main deciding factors when it comes to selecting your floor. The good news is that many low-cost options have improved in quality and appearance and are viable alternatives to their more expensive counterparts. Take linoleum – often reminiscent of unfortunate kitchen design. It’s featuring a comeback and can be purchased in a wide range of versatile colours and patterns that are high quality and great looking. Vinyl is another low cost option that’s practical, easy to install, and incredibly versatile. Go for thicker options for maximum durability.

Think hard about exactly what takes place in the space that you’re flooring. Will there be any water pooling? Go for tile. Will there be frequent spillages or stains from children or pets? Make sure your floor is well sealed and water resistant. Will it be a high-traffic area? Choose something durable and hard wearing.

The environment
Environmental considerations are becoming more and more prominent in people’s decision making processes in all areas, and flooring’s no different. Some buyers are choosing to steer clear of rare wood purchases that require a lot of transportation and deforestation of slow growing trees, instead choosing options like bamboo. Bamboo reaches full size in a couple of years and is incredibly easy to grow, as well as naturally hardwearing and with a warm, bright tone. Cork is another favourite, with its mellow colour and soft, resilient surface.

Try them on for size
Make sure to get samples of the floors you’re considering and put them in situ for at least several days to get a true sense of the effect they’ll have once installed. There are also some handy apps that you can use to take a photo of a room and superimpose different materials over your existing flooring to get an impression of the overall finish.

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