Budget-friendly ways to create a celebrity-esque interior

Celebrity style does of course go well beyond the red carpet. Have you ever wondered what the inside of the homes of Hollywood actors, Premiership footballers and our favourite television personalities look like?

From “Paparazzi-Proof” New York City penthouses on the market for no less than $20 million, to ten-bedroom country mansions, every now and then we’ll see snippets of celebrity interiors in the press or being marketed.

The good news is that even if us mere mortals don’t have a spare £10 million to pump into our property portfolio, we can achieve a posh, desirable and value-enhancing celebrity-esque interior without spending a fortune.

Here’s how…

Treat windows like royalty

Windows are the eyes of a property and should be treated with the attention they deserve. Opting for flimsy curtains or shoddy blinds will result in a tell-tale sign that we aren’t in receipt of a six-figure salary!

Instead drape your windows with high-quality curtains made from a luxurious material. Ensure the curtains are as long and full as possible. Hanging them so they touch the ceiling and drape to the floor will augment the expensive, elegant window treatment you aspire. It will also draw the eye towards the ceiling and create the illusion of a taller room.

Similarly, if you prefer to decorate windows with blinds, opt for quality blinds that radiate the same elegance and sophistication.

Refraining from scrimping on the quality and cost of your window decorations will go a long way in achieving an affluent looking interior.

Lighting talks volumes

Whether it’s an exclusive bar in Chelsea, a trendy restaurant in Soho or a rock star’s penthouse apartment in New York City, if there is one common theme that runs throughout ‘posh’ interiors it’s incredible lighting.

Now is the time to get rid of those dim central lights and tacky chandeliers and replace them much more inspiring alternatives. And you need not spend the earth! Musing through bric-a-brac stores, markets and car boot sales can be the perfect places to find lights the radiate individualism, sophistication and a celebrity-like style.

Make sure you opt for layered lighting by adding floor lamps, table lamps and ceiling lights to every room to generate an expensive look and feel.

Bring on the accessories

It has to be said that accessories can either ‘make or break’ the look and feel of a room. Get them right and accessories can augment the cosiness, personality, character and affluence of a room. Get it wrong and a room can look tacky, fussy and poor quality.

To radiate an air of luxury in a room opt for colours and materials that are synonymous with wealth and glamour.  Gold picture frames, brass ornaments and silver or chrome nickel can work together to generate a tasteful, and ‘expensive’ vibe in any room.

Keep it tidy

Okay, so we might not all be able to afford housekeepers and nannies working around the clock to ensure our home is kept spick and span, but devoting half an hour or so every day to tidying up, vacuuming and polishing will mean you’re affluent and tasteful interior continues to dazzle at its optimum.

We might not all be able to own eight-bedroom mansions the likes of the Kardashians, the Beckhams and the Pitts can, but with a little clever interior design work and the right accessories, your home can be your own little palace.

If you would like us to help you add some celebrity style to your interior, please call us on 020 8200 5556 and speak to one of our friendly designers.