Because size doesn’t matter: Making the most of a kitchenette

Posted by admin - July 24, 2014 - Designer Insights, Inspiration, Interior Design

If you’re a city dweller in the likes of London, Manchester, Birmingham or Liverpool, or any city in the world for that matter, the chances are you have a kitchen that’s a little on the small side. They say size doesn’t matter and surprisingly, when it comes to kitchens, cooking in a small space can have its distinct advantages, providing you get the design right…

Sounds intriguing, take a look at the following ways to make the most of a small kitchenette.

A mirrored backsplash

If there is one item that is a saviour when optimising the size of a space, it’s the humble mirror. Mirrors reflect both artificial and natural light, bouncing the light around the room and making a space appear brighter. As kitchens might not be the most obvious or appropriate place to hang mirrors, get creative with how you utilise mirrors in a kitchen. For example, instead of using traditional tiles on a backsplash, use mirrored tiles. The reflection and light created by the mirrored backsplash will create the illusion of grandeur and space.

Open shelving

Without any cupboard doors to open and close, open shelving without any cupboard doors will save space in a small kitchen as well creating the illusion of more space. Without any frames getting in the way, cabinets with open shelving will be able to hold more items inside.

Open shelves also enable you to display decorative items, such as flowers, herbs and bowls of fruit – items that you would not be able to put on display in a small kitchen with closed cabinets.

Armless chairs

If your kitchenette has a table or worktop designed for eating, generate more space by opting for chairs without arms. Armless chairs will mean you can get in and out of the space more easily. Likewise, placing stools around a central island or under worktops will mean there is more room to manoeuvre.

Use the oven to store bulky items

Let’s be honest, the average oven only gets used once a day, if that even. For kitchens with limited space, storing pots and pans can be a problem. This is when an oven can prove to be a multitasking asset. Placing a bulky casserole dish or saucepan in the oven will mean at least the storage of one essential kitchen ware is taken care of.

Obliterate unused appliances

Okay so the juicer you bought with every good intention to use daily in order to get your ‘five a day’ may have lost its novelty and not been used for over a month. In short, if you’re not using an appliance on a daily basis, free your work surface of it. Removing tools and appliances that are not used regularly from the worktop and into the cupboard will free up some of that much-needed space in a small kitchen.

Kitchenettes might be small on space but with a little imagination, creativity and design know-how, they can be big on style and practicality.