Basement Interior Design Tips

Posted by admin - March 30, 2017 - Designer Insights, Inspiration, Interior Design

Never judge a book by its cover or for that matter a house by its façade. Basement conversions are trending, especially in major cities like London, where spacious properties are far and few between. With this in mind, going underground is an effective way to create more space.

Not only does digging out a basement or converting a disused cellar add extra living space, but they can also add up to 15% onto a property’s value.

If you are thinking about converting a cellar into a liveable space, take a look at the following basement interior design tips.

1. Informing your neighbour

Before you even start work on creating your subterranean living space it’s a good idea to inform your neighbours on your plans, after all, it’s their foundations that you are going to be digging next to. Don’t wait for the official planning letter to be posted through their door, explain the forthcoming work on the underground conversion to them first in person.

2. Creating the dream space

The basement is the perfect place to create that extra storage space, but also opens the opportunity to own an entertainment area for family and guests, a work area in the form of an office, or even an additional bedroom. It must be noted though that due to fire regulations a basement bedroom must contain egress windows. Whatever the space is used for good décor in the way of lighting, flooring and use of colour is important.

3. Breathing life into the basement

Bringing the added living area to life and making the basement a place to enjoy rather than it just being an ‘underground bunker’ is crucial. Invest in a good stairway to open up the area. Spiral staircases are excellent space savers. Lighting and colour can be used to enhance the room. Generally speaking, dark colours will make the room look smaller, while light pastel colours or neutral colours will open up the space.

Set the mood and give the basement a spacious feeling with suitable lighting arrangements. A subdued light for a cinema room is perfect, dimmer switches are great for regulating the light, but for a gym, games room or office, good lighting is essential. Where natural light is missing, adorning the walls and ceilings with an array of different lighting effects is a good substitute; eliminate dark corners with well-placed spot lights. Down lights placed in strategic spots are an excellent source of task

4. Adding the comfort

Subterranean spaces are great areas to use the imagination and play with textures and colour. With the lack of natural light, rooms can take on the appearance of being cell like so the use of plush furnishings combined with sleek modern lines will eliminate this. Consider panelling walls in a rich velvet material for a cosy living space or using panelit PVC panels for an ultra-modern look.

Furnishings that double up as storage space are excellent. Also, built in storage cupboards and shelving units could be considered when designing the layout of the room.

Whatever the basement space is to be used for, with considerate thought and planning, a cellar conversion will be a worthwhile investment, adding extra space and putting value onto the property.