Amrit Lattimore – Senior Designer

Posted by admin - May 15, 2013 - Designer Insights

Amrit is an established team member here at New I.d, having been with the company for 9 years. She is a graduate in Interior design, having studied at The Kent Institute of Art and Design, specialising in interior design and architecture, in 2003. Post-graduation she spent a further 12 months in an architectural practice focusing on CAD and architecture. With such a strong technical background, Amrit is our very own ‘Technical Guru’

Amrit is a core member of the design team recognised by her piers as creative, empathetic and highly talented aside of her obvious technical abilities.

In common with her design team colleagues, she is fastidious in her approach to the all important client brief, adopting a process of in depth questioning, the provision of conceptual ideas and images, all with the aim of interpreting the clients brief rather than delivering enforced ideas.

Amrit’s influences include various fashion and fabric houses, which in her opinion heavily influence the over look and feel of a scheme. She has no particular loyalty to individual brands preferring to adopt a far broader range of styles with a preference for diversity within her work and the exploration of different types of look and feel.

So what of the coming season? Amrit predicts pastel shades with possible Scandinavian- pine influences, a look that could be around for a while, but fear not this does not indicate she will be frequenting large Scandinavian furniture stores, the look will be far more refined and subtle, besides which have you ever seen those instructions!

She also believes interior design trends are become far more eclectic, with designers often combining different styles such as modern, classics, baroque and contemporary. Whilst these more daring departures from the ‘norm’ may not be to all tastes they are becoming more prevalent, particularly within more bespoke private design commissions.