Adding character to your home through shabby chic

Posted by admin - February 25, 2014 - Current Trends, Inspiration, Interior Design

Imperfections aren’t beautiful, right? Wrong. Imperfections add character, intrigue and uniqueness in all they embellish and none more so than in interior design. When imperfections are deliberately weaved into a property the style is commonly known as shabby chic. This distinctive technique celebrates the unusual beauty of imperfection. It typically involves blending a light palette with distressed-looking items or surfaces to create a tasteful, elegant and refined past.

This eclectic design style borrows and combines traits and fashions from a myriad of historical eras. The net result is a creative and timeless look that borders on the romantic. So if you’re bored of those symmetrical lines, ultra-modern fixtures and a uniform look and want to inject some shabby creativity into your home, take a look at the following ways to utilise the concept of shabby chic to the max.

Be generous with grey

Grey is considered to be a neutral colour by many interior designers. It is also an understated shade which works well when striving to create a distressed period look. If your home has plenty of black or dark accents, such as ironwork furniture or dark marble kitchen worktops, bridge the gap between the lighter and darker elements by adding some lighter shades of grey into the mix.

Pile on the plaid

Tartan curtains, tablecloths, cushions, rugs or any kind of plaid fabric never fails to create a cottage-like, rustic feel. For additional interest and to move the feminine, cottage charm of plaid into a more distressed style, merge diverging fabrics. For example, placing a dotted vase on top of a plaid tablecloth will create energy and a distressed nonsensical feel.

Seating that invites you to sink

Formal doesn’t work well with shabby chic; neither does uncomfortable, uninviting seats. Chairs that a worn, hard to sit on and are far too formal for the look you are trying to create can be given a distressed makeover by some creative use of paint and fabric. Simply strip the existing paint or varnish of the chair and repaint it with an aged-patina look. Make a formal chair infinitely more inviting and soft to sit on by placing a cushion on it. Floral rose buds, pastel patchwork and retro designed cushions will be the most effective in creating an eclectic mix of old and new.

The Union Jack

So the last thing you want to create is a home that looks like it belongs to the nationalistic-obsessed through the vulgar use of one too many Union Jacks. Though it has to be said that the shabby chic style started in Britain and evokes a décor that synonymous with old English country homes, in which old paintwork and worn out fabrics are embraced. In this sense a subtle use of the Union Jack will augment the distressed style you yearn for. The odd Union Jack clock, cushion, heart or doormat, will ultimately enhance the eclectic look of the worn, vintage and traditional with the modern and advent-garde.