Achieving quirky bedroom innovation

If there is one room in our homes that we can afford to be playful, innovative and adventurous with, it’s our bedroom. Why? For the simple reason, if our innovative and adventurous décor goes a tad wrong, at least we’ll be the only ones who will see it!

It’s also important to note that innovation doesn’t have to be complicated or complex and some of the simplest designs can have quirkiness at their core.

If you’re tired of the humdrum floral wallpaper, mundane carpet and uninspiring walls that your bedroom has clung onto for years, it’s time to blitz your bedroom bare and take on the following quirky and innovative bedroom design ideas.

A flamboyant floor lamp

Floor lamps are traditionally confined to dining rooms and other reception areas. Bedrooms tend to either have just one central ceiling light or a central ceiling light backed up with a couple of bedside table lamps.

Break conventions by not only putting a lofty floor lamp in a corner of your bedroom but ensuring it is bright and colourful and preferably patterned. The aim is to make the floor lamp stand out as a focal feature in the room.

Create a sunset colour scheme

A bedroom comprising of a colour scheme that represents a sunset might not be everyone’s cup of tea but is definitely a trait that can be considered quirky. If the prospect of walking into a room that is resonant of a sunset sounds appealing, then trade in the neutral-coloured walls for orange ones, the white bed linen for yellow sheets and the blue carpet for a red one. Throw in the few pinks and even browns into the mix through cushions, throws, curtains and lampshades, and there you have it, a bedroom to rival a sunset in Atacama Desert in Chile.

Lovely in lilac

On the surface a lilac bedroom might sound a little nauseating though you might be pleasantly surprising, particularly in the quirky states. Integrating different shades of lilacs and various textures will create a warming ambience that is both interesting and welcoming. A velvet headboard for example lay against a background of wishy-washy texture lilac wallpaper will craft a stylish, innovative and inviting bedroom.

Get playful with accessories

Accessories can play with a room’s dimensions, adding depth and character to a room and making it appear bigger and brighter. Don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories such as placing a vintage mirror against a modern, bold-patterned wallpaper background.

Mix and match

Mix patterned accents with solid neutrals to create a quirky and unusual style of décor. If you want to keep neutral-coloured bedding and a ‘safely’ coloured headboard add some quirky spice to the room with bright crush velvet throws, fluffy gaudy cushions and a shabby chic dressing table painted in citrus lemon. Paisley print also looks great in a bedroom that’s aspiring to be innovative and quirky. Again, mix and match paisley bed linen, curtains and cushions with a number of different fabrics, such as silk, velvet and cotton, to give it a rich, varied and interesting look.